Blackjack game – It’s a Classic Experience

People who are looking for some exciting but at the same time easy casino game, black jack should be their natural choice. It is very popular game among the gamblers both in traditional casinos and online casinos. Although there are many variations in black jack games but the goal is almost same for everyone, reaching 21.

It does not affect your winning cause whether you are playing against the house or against the other opponents at the table. However it is important for every player to read the instructions carefully since the rules and regulations vary from casino to casino or from site to site in case of online black jack.

The black jack can be played using one, two, four, six or eight decks of cards and players target is to reach close to 21 by beating the dealers hand and without surpassing that point. Here the players have to put their bets on the deck before the games starts. It is important for the players to know the card value. The king, queen and jack has the value of 10, where cards in between 2 to 10 has their face value. The values of aces are either 11 or 1 depending on the hands. A hand with ace that counts for 11 is called soft hand, where the hand that does not have any ace or with an ace of value 1 is called hard hand.

Before starting a game the players has to choose a suitable table, choice of tables depend on wager, deck size and rule variation. A black jack table can accommodate a maximum of six players. Bets are to be put on a special place on the table. The dealer will give two cards to all the players and he himself will keep two cards. Usually one of the player’s cards is faced down and other one is faced up. If a player is sure that the dealer has dealt a black jack that is 21, he can put an insurance bet. In case he is right he will be paid at a rate of 2:1 and if he is not correct he will lose the insurance bet.