Review on Blackjack

Blackjack 21 has become very popular over the past few years. Although in recent years it has been on the peak of it popularity but it has quite a long history.  There are many people around the world who has already mastered the game and earned a lot of money. But it may take years to get perfect on this game. As a beginner you can start with the basic rules of blackjack game. These rules are important to ensure that you are not throwing away you money.

In this article we will discuss some basic blackjack strategy to get you prepared for this game. The blackjack basic strategy will optimize your chances of making money. Since you are new in this game you must stick with the four general rules of blackjack games. The simple four rules that make up this black jack guide line are mentioned below:

To win in a black jack game you have to outsmart the dealer which is surely not a kid’s job. You must remember that if the dealer’s card is seven or higher than that you should keep taking out cards till you have a hard count of 17 or higher. A soft count of 18 or higher will also do well.

In case the dealer’s card is six or less than that you can continue taking out cards until you are standing on 12. You must stop taking card at 12, its safe.

You can double the amount of your betting if the total of your first two cards is 10 or 11 and the dealer has 9 or any number less than that.

You can divide your eights and aces but dividing any other duos would not be a wise decision.

These are the basic four rules of black jack. Sounds simple?? Well, it takes years for one to master on these rules. Because making fool of everybody else is not an easy task. This beginner strategy is better suited for those players who do not have enough time to practice the rules of blackjack oyna. This beginner is easier to learn for when compared to other rules.